While you are complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While you are complaining about the new “cheap” shoes or clothes that your parents, boyfriend or girlfriend, colleague or anyone for that matter; do not forget that there are people who can only wish to wear any kind of shoes because they do not own one.

While you are complaining about not eating certain types of meats, vegetables or any other food for that matter; do not forget that there are people who do not know where their next meal will come from or have not eaten in months, let alone weeks.

While you are complaining about a meagre salary that you earn or doing the job that you do not like or studied for, do not forget that there are people who would be glad to get that salary or any type of employment because they might not find any job now, or in future or ever in their lifetimes.

While you are complaining about not driving that expensive car, whilst you are having a car; do not forget that there are people who have never seen a sight of car or do not have one and let alone not being able to own one anytime in their lives.

While you are complaining about a simple or low brand of your cellphone; do not forget that there are people out there who will never own one and can only wish to have any model/make or brand of one.

Studies say that an average person could complain at least fifteen times a day. Some who are addicted to complaining could even complain thirty times a day. There is nothing wrong with complaining since most of us do it simply to release some stress. However, the problem comes in when we begin to complain about almost anything. You see, the tongue may be a small organ, but it is very powerful. What comes out of your mouth often can alter your current situation. Moreover, it can either hurt or encourage the people around you.

Last week, my cellphones were stolen and as a result lost focus on how we are so attached to material things in life. I also lost focused of how precious life is and how valuable people around me are. Then, the thought struck me that I should be more worried about how important life is.

Be grateful for small achievements; love those around you; pray for those less fortunate than you are; pray for peace in the world; pray for end or eradication to poverty and hunger; pray for those around you who are not employed to get employment. Put God before you and you will realise how fortunate and privileged some of us are.

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Until next week Tuesday, bye-bye for now.

Yours Truly

Ishmael Phetoane

Editor: FS News Online

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