The meaning of Perfection says it is a state, variously, of completeness, flawlessness, or supreme excellence.

Bob Marley was once asked if there was a perfect woman and he replied by saying: “Who cares about perfection?”

  • Even the moon is not perfect, it is full of craters;
  • What about the sea? very beautiful, but very salty and dark in the depths; and
  • What about heaven? Always so infinite, that is.

The most beautiful things are not perfect, they are special and every woman, every man and every human being chooses who is special ′′ in his life.

Stop trying to be ′′ perfect ′′. Better try to be free and live doing what you like, without trying to please others.

I have learnt that chasing perfection is a bad idea. If you really understand life, yourself and the people around you, perfection becomes an ideal we all wish for, but hard to achieve.
Perfection is a myth.

Nobody has, is or will ever be perfect. Everybody has flaws. If we really care about someone, we should be willing to accept them as they are, with their flaws.

When we care too much about someone being perfect, we start judging them for very little things. Everything they do should be perfect. Or else, they are not right for us. We start picking fights with them, for absolutely worthless reasons.

Accept a person for who they are and make only an occasional, reasonable request as a special favour to you personally, which you of course would reciprocate freely to them in return.

Expecting yourself and/or someone else to be perfect in everything they do, is equivalent to being intolerant, either of yourself and/or others.

No one perfect. Everyone is at their own level of understanding and capability. Everyone has shortcomings, less than perfect understanding, less than perfect capabilities. Everyone is a unique individual. Yes, we all strive for perfection, but the truth is; perfection is beyond humanity.

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Yours Truly
Tshepo Ishmael Phetoane